The Amish Beard Style

The amish beard style basically adopted the chin curtain beard style. Historically, the Amish community maintains the beard style in their tradition more than 300 hundred years in America. Using the chin curtain beard style, the amish community ignores the mustache. You need to notice it when deciding to use the Amish beard.

long amish beard style

How to Have an Amish Beard Style?

To have an Amish beard style, you should trim your facial hair. It is around 3-5 millimetres. By doing so, you can focus to shape the curtain style. Then, you need to define the edges in order to create the beard style.  to create it, you may use a full-size trimmer. Create a line before the sideburns. It is from the middle of the ear to around 2 inchs above the jawline. When you are done, you should follow the natural curve on your face going to the center of the chin. Still using the beard trimmer, but in a length comb, you should trim and shape the beard style. Do it until your beard has a soft angular shape.

men with amish beard style

The next step is creating the definition outside the chin curtain beard. You may need a precision trimer. With such trimer, touch carefully the hair edge to get a well formed defining lines. To have a perfect line, hold the trimmer vertically during the usage on your hair. Remove all the facial hair under the bottom lip. You may use the mini shaver. Using a rotary shaver, you clean shave the cheek, mustache and neck. Move it gentle in circular moving.

To draw the certain, you may note that the amish beard style is rather different. The beard needs less maintenance than others. Do not forget to remove the mustache. Besides the faith, this Amish beard style is suitable for people who wants to cover his sharp chin or maybe to soften a boxy jaw.

american amish beard style

How to do Maintenance for the Amish Beard Style?

The amish beard style’s maintenance, just like the chin curtain bears, is not that hard. Simply keep your  above lip area clean. Keep removing the mustache. Use shaver or razor to do it. Whereas to maintain the stylish and cool point or your curtain, simply comb the beard with a beard trimmer.  Do not forget to use several beard products such as the beard oil. It will make your beard healthier and sweeter. Doing so, you will have good and excellent Amish beard style.

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