Macho and Elegant in Balbo Beard Styles

Balbo beard styles have long story. The first man that made it popular is an Italian Air Marshal. He is Italo Balbo, a goon in the World War II. After the war ended, men who were having this beard style would be considered a fascist. However, in these modern days, having Balbo beard will not be considered as a fascist or anything. How do Balbo beard styles look like? It looks as if an inverted T. It is a combination of goatee, a handle bar moustache, and a chinstrap. This style is perfect for men with round or square faces. If you are still single and want to attract the ladies, the Balbo beard will be your ultimate choice. You will look so cool and sexy with this beard style so that women will start paying more attention on you.

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How to grow Balbo beard

Before you get this beard style, you must grow your beard fully. It is easier for you to shape your beard into Balbo style. Therefore, you will have enough hair to shape it into this cool beard style. If you want to have this kind of beard, you must grow your mustache, hair on your chin, and your goatee. You must shave your whiskers on each side of your goatee to create chinstrap. Another thing you must do is that part your moustache in the middle and trim it following your lip line. To shape it, you need an electric beard trimmer. Make sure that your trimmer is excellent so that you can shape your beard easier.

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Balbo beard styles requires high hair facial sculpting skill

In order to have a perfect Balbo beard, you must shape your beard and moustache with precision. Therefore, if your hair facial sculpting skill is limited, you had better go to the barber. In consequence, you will get the best result. Once you have this particular beard style, you must maintain its look. One of the things that you must do is shaving it regularly. Therefore, the area along your jaw line is clean from any stubble. You must also keep the sides of your goatee and the sides of mouth free from facial hair. You may need daily shaving using wax to maintain this beard style. You must also trim the length of your beard so that it keeps short. This style is perfect for any occasions whether it is formal or informal. You can even look professional and elegant in Balbo beard styles.

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