Your Guide to Biker Beard Styles

For those who are craving for non-mainstream beard style, biker beard styles can be an alternative. However, it is very hard to have this style for sure. You will need long and thick beard for having bike beard style. If you see some movies about biker who ride motorbike like Harley Davidson or other monster motorcycle, that is the right picture to describe. Tattoos and piercing are common accessories to complement with biker beard styles. Perhaps, this is the best pick for those who interested to have “bad boy” scene in his facial look. Unfortunately, almost all girls in this world hate this one. Thus, you need to communicate with your partner if you have one.

biker long beard styles

Growing your beard

First thing you need to do as to have this beard style is growing your beard. Your beard should look like long, thick and unorganized for better biker look. Biker senses beard as the symbol of masculinity and it is an achievement to have huge beard. However, it takes long term for having huge biker beard styles. For some ethnics, such as Asians, it can be really hard. Human hormones also influence the growth of facial hair. Therefore, you may consider having beard transplant or fake beard for quick purposes. For natural process, cleaning your faces regularly is important. Some face oils and bacteria may hinder the growth of your beard. Hence, don’t do shaving until you have huge facial hair as you desired. This may take 1 up to 2 years for some people. Thus, you need to be patient and chill out about your desired beard. Just consider that effort as your investment.

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Taking care your long beard

It is quite hard to take care your long beard. You need to take care your beard like your real hair. Shampooing and conditioning are regular care that you need to concentrate on. Hence, the most common issue in growing beard is about itching and irritation. Because of that reason, you need to wash your beard regularly. You facial hygiene is necessary to avoid skin disease or acne, especially for biker beard styles. To overcome itching, you can use beard balm which also smells good for better scenery. It prevents you from being irritated during beard growing process. It is important to consider hiring professional as to maintain your beard. Nevertheless, almost all bikers will do the care of their biker beard styles by themselves.

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