3 Nice Close Beard Styles

Men absolutely like to shave their beard with applying close beard styles. The beard style always looks good for the men’s physical appearance. Women tend to prefer seeing men with beard. But, some of them like men without any hair and beard on the face. It is because it describes that they keep cleanliness and treat them well. However, men with close beard styles are also liked by women. Here are some close beard styles inspiring men.

close shave beard styles

Close beard styles

Thin Beard Style

One of the close beard styles is called thin beard. Most of the women like men having thin beard. This beard style seems to be a better beard choice for improving their handsomeness. It is same as the name in which it only has thin beard and moustache. It means that it can keep the masculine side of men and also their handsome face. This style is more interesting for women. To have this beard style, men should let beard grow for 10 days after they shaved their beard. It shows a big interest for men. The period of time for ten days is the right time for men to look sexy and elegant with thin beard.

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Painter Brush Beard Style

When you want to have appealing beard, it is important to know about close beard styles. The beard styles are really nice to apply for men. The next style is called painter brush. This is similar to the name in which it is like a brush shape. It accentuates the moustache and thin beard on the face so that it looks cool. But, there are no many men applying this beard style because it seems to be funny. If you have the appropriate face, you can implement the close beard styles to support your physical appearance.

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Moustache with Goat Beard Style

The last close beard styles are called moustache with goat beard. The beard style combines two elements. They are beard and moustache in which the final shape of this beard style looks like a goat beard. Though it seems to be goat beard, most of the men apply this beard style. It looks so mysterious and cool for men. The masculine impression can be showed off through this beard style. To have the best look of the beard, it needs to consider shaving techniques. Do not shave very thin and thick because it reduces the esthetic values of the beard style. It should be shaved by perfect shaving techniques.

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