George Clooney Beard Styles: How to Get Clooney’s Style

George Clooney beard styles become the popular style of beard. Some people make him as the trend setter of beard fashion. For you who want to start growing beard, may be you can choose Clooney’s style. It looks cool and nice.

We know that some Hollywood actors grow beard well. It makes them looks so awesome and handsome. It adds masculine sense for them who have beard too. You can try some styles of Hollywood actors for growing beard.

george clooney beard styles 2015

Talking about George Clooney, he has awesome styles of beard. If you want to know about that, you have to read this article. It’s because this article is going to tell you about George Clooney beard styles.

Information about George Clooney Beard Styles

Clooney has cool beard and it fully covers his chin and cheek. His beard is not long but thick. Somebody calls his beard as regulated beard or touch of scruff. It looks full and big covering his face. Then, he adds moustache to make him gentler. Because of his beard, his beard style becomes trendy and many people follow his style.

george clooney scruffy beard styles

How to Get Touch of Scruff Style

It’s one of simple styles for beard. You can let your beard grow. Then, you can trim it by beard trimmer every week to make it fresh. You also can trim it every day to make it looks fresh. But you have to note that, it must be thick. Because the thick beard looks hot for every woman. You also can add moustache and trim it regularly.

Actually, touch of scruff style is suit for oval face. It also used for symmetrical face with straight hair. So for you who have oval face with straight hair which grows fully, you can choose this style.

george clooney beards styles

How to Treat Clooney’s Beard Style

You have to treat it every day. It’s because Clooney always looks fresh. So for getting his look, you have to trim it for giving fresh look. You can use good beard trimmer for some popular brand. You also have to use moisturizing one to save your beard.

Besides that, if you want to treat them, you can give hair vitamin too for your beard. The most important thing is you can consult to your beard stylish about your style. You can ask some suggestion to your beard stylish how to get good beard. You also can ask about your beard treatment. So, those are all about George Clooney Beard Styles.

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