November Beard Style and How to Get Some Beard

November beard style has its own mission. The mission on November is “No Shave Beard”. It demands you to grow your beard in November. It is because in November, the weather will change to be colder. Winter will come after that month. For almost American people, it’s also time to be support cancer patients. So, they have campaign for growing beard in November.

November beard style 2016

In November, many American people hold special event of growing beard. They also make some event which filled by some tips to save beard and how to grow beard well. They also think that having beard is awesome.

Those events also give chance for men to have beard like some important people or public people. So, for telling you about it, this article is going to tell you about November beard style.

Some november beard style for you


Evergreen means you have to shave your beard before November and then you have to start growing beard fully in November.

Short Boxed Beard

You have to save your beard shortly. It also has to be longer and pass your jaw line. You have to make it curly too.

November beard style short boxed

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Seasonal Beard Grow

It’s same like evergreen but in November, you have to get beard style like a Viking. You also have to get long and full beard like a mountain man style.

How to Get Some Beard Styles

Besides telling you about November beard style, here are also some beard styles of American and steps to get it. So, check them below:

Beard and Mustache Mash up

You can get this beard style by defining your moustache first. After that you have to patch it. Then, use a razor to cut those areas and take hair trimmer to save the look.

November beard style and moustache

Contemporary Moustache

You can have this one by shaving them every day. But you have to note this: you are prohibited to touch your upper lips area. Then, you can use shaving cream when you shave them. Then, let the upper lips area stay with hair.

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Mountain Man

You can get this style by trimming your beard when it gets its length. You can shave your beard every two weeks. You have to spread shampoo or beard oil for two times per week.

Skinny Goatee

You can have this style by trimming the goatee area on your face with hair trimmer. After that, you have to use good razor to make outline of the goatee before finishing shave process. Then continue for other lines. So, those are all about November beard style and how to get some beard styles.

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