Your Guide to Types of Beard Styles

In this era, there are countless types of beard styles which have become an epidemic. For men, it seems that get dressed and build muscle are no longer enough to attract attention. Facial look is an important indicator for getting first impression. Thus, men need to take care of themselves and start to explore a little bit to change their style. Fortunately, bread styles offer various samples to be explored with. Hence, copying celebrities’ style can be a great choice. They are good role models for your reference. For instance, you can see David Beckham’s beard style for boyish touch in your facial look. It is noteworthy that not all types of beard styles are suitable with your facial shape Thus, it is important to search some ideas for better result.

types of beards beard styles

Popular types of beard styles

As previously mentioned, there are overwhelming beard styles that you can explore. Goatee bear style can be your choice for unique beard cut. It looks like upside down letter “T” cut. If you wonder how it looks like, you can see some movies like V for Vendetta. This is quite old-fashioned yet worth trying. You can also combine this style with thin mustache for masculine look. This style suits with men with round face. Dye your beard can also be an alternative, especially for those who had dyed their hairs. Don’t use permanent dye so you may change to any color, as you want at any time. This also advisable for those who have thick facial hairs. It functions similar like your hair. The longer you have, the more you can explore with.

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popular types of beard styles

Thin types of beard styles

For some people, having thin facial hair is much sexier than thick hair. It also shows tidy look in your face. Balbo beard can be your choice for thin beard cut. It looks like goatee beard style with additional thin mustache to complement your cut. Pencil thin mustache is suggested to complement this cut. Using appropriate trimmer is suggested to get the best result. You can find outnumbered products of trimmer in conventional and online shops. Further, manual trimmer is preferable for thin beard cut. This can give tidier result to your facial look. For your information, electric trimmer is preferable for thick beard. There are some new features available on your desired trimmer. Choosing trimmer that is easy to use is really helpful to get your desired types of beard styles.

different types of beard styles

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