Afro American Beard Styles: From the Easiest to Classic Style

Afro American beard styles are various. You can choose the suitable one. First of all, you need to decide which effect you want to have. Below are several Afro American beard styles you can try at home.

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Soul Patch: The Easiest Afro American Beard Styles

If you want to grow your beard fastly, you may need to take the soul patch style. It is basically simply a little bunch of facial hairs under your bottom lip. Even with a little bunch facial hair, you still attract more attention. Most men combine this style along with the mustache. It will make you look so manly.

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Scruffy Beard

This Afro American beard styles is easy to grow. You simply let your facial hair being unshaved for 2 or 4 days. Due to its easiness, the scruffy beard is suitable for you who have a busy life. This kind of style also gives modern looks. It can hide the skin patch that free from facial hair. That is why this beard style fits to men whose their facial hairs are so thin. To have such bear style, you need a right trimmer. Use the big length trimmer. To collect the cut hairs, use the vacuum. The last step, use the boost to finish your works. Slash the facial hairs, including the coarsest one. Put some conditioner to keep your skin moisturizing since while waiting for the hair grow, your skin can get dry anytime.

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The Classic Afro American Bear Styles: The Full Beard

If you want to look dominant, you should try the full beard style. however, you should keep it in mind that for some people, the full beard style will make the jawlines broader. Due  to this effect, such style is suitable for people with a thin face who want to look larger and mature. Having the full beard style needs more maintenance. Do not let your hair grow untidy. Most people, especially women, hate to see it. If you want to lengthen your beard, you must realize that it will also effect in your face looks. Your face will look longer. It is not good for you with a thin face. Consider this carefully to decide how long you will maintain your beard. The same effect is resulted from the longer hair around your chin. You need to test your beard cutting to see the effects on your face.

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No matter what style you choose, the most important thing is finding the most suitable style and the beard care. With the perfect and carefully care, such as putting the right beard oil or moisturizer, you will have the great Afro American beard styles.

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