Knowing More about Asian Beard Styles

Asian beard styles can be reference for you who want to have beard. Some people believe that beard represents masculine and cool sense for men. Besides masculine, some ethnic groups in Chinese also trust that beard can make someone looks wiser and stronger. Then, they also believe that beard can represent someone’s sexuality and social status.

Asian beard styles for men

Growing beard in some countries like America and Canada becomes a campaign for supporting cancer patients and other disease of cancer. Even, they always hold in November. So, every man has to save beard in that month. Besides for campaign, they also choose to grow beard in November because November is the month when winter will start coming. So, they grow beard as a symbol of welcoming winter time.

What American do in November, it also becomes trend setter for some countries in Asia. Some Asian who get winter season also hold that event. They save beard in November to welcome winter and as a supporting campaign for cancer patient. Talking about Asia and beard, here is the information for you about Asian beard styles.

Some Asian Beard Styles

Asian which is dominated by Korean or Chinese people have trend setter by Korean or Chinese public figures. Some people who live in Asia know that some Chinese and Korean public figures have beard. That’s why they make them as their inspiration of Asian beard styles.  There is Chinese actor who have beard. He is Bruce Lee. Then Chinese also have fictional character named Manchu who becomes Chinese people’s inspiration to have beard.

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asian stubble beard styles

Bruce Lee has beard style “seldom seen”. Then, Manchu character is known with long and thin moustache. Besides Bruce Lee and Manchu, Asian also dominated by Indian public figure. There is Indian named Genghis Khan. He is known with his barbaric near goatee beard style.

Unique Asian Beard Styles: Barbaric near goatee style

One of popular styles in Asia is barbaric near goatee style. Actually Barbarian has culture to not shave their thick beard. So, when we imagine Barbarian, we can refer to men with full and long beard. Sometimes, it looks messy and thick too.

Asian barbaric near goatee styles

Barbaric near goatee style has characteristic like what Barbarian did to their beard. Some Asian like in India and Middle East choose this style. Many of them grow their beard longer and fuller on their face. It’s because some people believe that beard represents seniority of someone. Besides that, they also believe as Chinese do. They believe that beard makes someone looks wiser and stronger.

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