Some Beard Styles for Boys

Beard styles for boys are divided into various kinds. For you who want to grow beard, you can choose many styles of beard either it is unique or common one. Nowadays, we can see many boys with beard. It also becomes a symbol or sign to adult age.

Besides symbol of adult age, beard is also used as masculine and wise symbol for men. So, we cannot deny that there are some men who are interested for having beard.

You can know some styles of beard here. If you want to know about that, you have to keep on reading here. This article will mention some beard styles for boys.

chinstrap beard styles for boys

Beard styles for boys

Chin Strap Style

This style refers to Abraham Lincoln or Che Guevara style. It is also one of old fashion for men. If you want to have this style, you should grow beard on your jaw line area till your chin. You also have to make your beard thick and full. You can start to grow your beard without shaving it for each week.

Landing Strip Style

Landing strip is the style which demands you to only grow beard under your lower lips. Then it has to be in strip line. It will run down to your chin area. So, firstly you have to get vertical line hair under your lower lips. Then, if some hair grows around your jaw line, you have to shave it cleanly. So, it remains only the vertical line under your lower lips and it runs down to your chin area.

full beard styles for boys

Horseshoe Moustache

You can grow moustache which shaped like horseshoe. It only demands you to grow moustache which circles around your mouth. Then, you also have to shave your beard cleanly till it only remains the moustache. This style was popular in 1970’s.

Full Beard Styles of Boys

Full beard is one of popular beard styles for boys. You can grow your beard fully from your jaw line till your chin area. Actually, this style is suit for old man. It’s because having full beard makes man looks mature and wiser. But nowadays, many young boys start to follow this style. Besides that, it also shows someone’s masculinity. You can have full beard with moustache or without moustache. It is according to your passion. You have to note that if you want to choose style of your beard, you have to consider first about your facial shape and what style that you like.

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