Chinese Beard Styles: Different Ethnic, Different Style

Chinese beard styles can be your inspiration to save beard. But before telling you information about beard styles of Chinese, here is information about Chinese culture for having beard. In old tradition of Chinese, actually they are prohibited to have beard and cut their hair. It has been the rules for Chinese tradition. If they cut hair and have beard, it will hurt their parents because their hair and body are created for their parents. It also became taboo thing when someone cut hair and have beard.

ancient chinese beard styles

But for some ethnic groups of Chinese, they believe that beard is the symbol of wisdom and strength. It also represents someone’s wish for long life. Besides that, some Chinese people believe that beard can be symbol of someone’s social status.

Actually Chinese is divided into many ethnic groups. For each group has different tradition. Some groups forbid men to save beard and other groups allow men to have beard, even for having full beards. The groups which allow men to save beards are from Western Chinese. It’s called Han ethnic group. They are known for having long and thick beard. Because of that, actually there are not many Chinese beard styles.

Besides that, Chinese groups which allow men for saving beard also have different degrees about the fullness of beard they have. Then, usually Chinese start to grow their beard when they have reached their twenty five ages.  Another group who has full beard started to save beard from their seventeen years ages.

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Then, saving beard in Chinese started being popular in 20th century. It influenced by western people. Hollywood fashion which shows many actors with beard made some Chinese people started to grow their beard.  Nowadays, many Chinese save beard. Even, they start to have full beard. So, here are some styles of Chinese beard.

Chinese beard styles

Manchu Style

Manchu is the fictional character of Chinese villain. This style has characteristic with long moustache which runs down from your upper lips. The moustache is thin and narrow. It runs and passes to your under jaw line.

Horse Shoe Moustache

This style demands you to have moustache like in Manchu style but it is distinguished by the soft moustache on your chin and cheeks. Your moustache also has to be hanged and pass your jaw line.

short chinese beard styles

Goatees Beard

This style demands you to have goatee beard with sparse moustache. So, those are all about Chinese beard styles.

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