Crazy Beard Styles to Make You Look Like a Star

You must think twice before you decide to have crazy beard styles if you have a girlfriend. However, if you are single or ignorant to your girlfriend’s opinion, you can have any crazy style of beard that you want. Having unique beard style can change the nuances of your appearance. Numerous men have tried various beard styles. Some of them make them look sexier. And others make them a showstopper in a crazy way. Here are some crazy beard styles that you can try.

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Crazy beard styles using hair styling cream

It is not a bad idea to grow your beard especially when the temperature gets cold. Growing your beard can also make you look macho. Don’t you know that women will think that you have excellent sexual characteristics if you have prominent beard. Once you grow your beard, you can style it in unique ways. People will surely stare at you in amazement if you have spiky beard. You can part your beard in seven parts and secure them with hair clips or rubber bands. After that, apply strong hair styling cream on each of them. Style them so that the spiky beard locks look amazing. If you do not like this style, you can apply strong styling cream on your beard. After that comb your beard so that they look nice and straight framing your face. If you want a touch of classic look, you can curl your beard at the tip. Part your beard in four or six parts and apply strong hair styling cream them. After that, curl those beard locks up so that they look nice and classic.

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Crazy beard styles without growing it

Some of you may not comfortable with long beard. If you are one of these men, you can style it by creating lines. Go to a barber and ask the man to make a unique design of lines on your beard. You can also do it by yourself. All you need are a shaver, a trimmer, and the steps of how to do it. You can apply the lines design all around your jaw or only under your chin. If you are impatient in growing your beard but want to look attractive in long beard, you can get the extensions. You can get buy them in certain barbershops and the barber will get the extensions done. The crazy beard styles with extension will surely make you look like a rock star.

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