David Beckham Beard Style: Light Full Beard for Square Face

David Beckham beard style can be inspiration for you who want to grow beard. Beckham who is known as a popular football player has grown his beard till now. It makes him look cooler and gentler. It also gives him “wise” sense for everyone who adores him.

If we look Beckham, we know that he has square shape face. Meanwhile, having beard is really good for men with square face. May be that’s why Beckham looks more handsome with beard. It also makes him being model of some commercial products too.

david beckham beard style 2014

Actually knowing your facial shape is one of the key for having good beard feature. As Beckham does, he also chooses his beard style according to his facial shape. So, if you want to know his beard style, don’t worry because this article specially will tell you about David Beckham beard style.

David Beckham Beard Style and His Square Face

Every man has different beard style. It’s because facial shape influences someone’s beard style. Before you start to grow your beard, firstly you have to know what facial shape you have. After that, you have to decide what the style that you want. Last, you have to understand how to save beard.

david beckham latest beard style

Talking about beard style and facial shape, here is an example for you. A familiar football player with square face is David Beckham. So, for you who have square face like him, may be you can choose him as your inspiration.

Someone with square face has to grow beard which can make his face looks more slender. Beckham makes it too. His beard makes his face looks box-less. You can try Beckham’s style to make your face appears more slender.

Suit Beard for Square Face

Actually, the suit beard for square face is light full beard. It’s better for you who have square face to grow full beard all over your face. You can make it clipped close on your face. Light full beard can make you look cooler and gentler.

If you want to have David Beckham beard style, you can start to grow your beard fully. Then, every week you have to clip your beard with beard trimmer. That way is to make your beard lightly but still covering all area of your face.

david beckham scruffy beard style

Besides that, if you want to have beard like Beckham’s style, you can make your beard slickly around your chin and mouth. Then, if you cannot treat your beard well, you can go to barber shop to help you treat your beard.

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