Dirty Beard Style for Summer Occasion

This dirty beard style and other beard styles seemed to be a trend among many people, including celebrities. If you was watching Oscar event, you will see almost all male celebrities who attended that prestigious event has that facial hair which is ready to be exhibited. Yes, the beard can affect your appearance becomes more handsome or even worse. Some people agree that dirty beard style has the same meaning as the name suggests. That is giving the impression of a dirty face on someone’s pace because not everyone deserves to have a facial hair. Many of which must be considered before making beard as one of the elements that can make your face look more handsome.

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cool dirty beard style

Dirty beard style is…

Having beard just like having an extra homework. In addition to pay attention to cleanliness of the body and clothing, you should be extra attention to hygiene beard. Dirty beard will cause irritation to the skin. The plot is just like this, if your beard gets dirty then you will be attacked by itching in the area around the beard. Severe is if you do not know that inside there are cuts or anything and is not treated immediately, it will affect your appearance.

This facial hair is basically the most basic style of beard. You just have to lengthen the beard and shaved it as thin as possible, but not until it is clean. The greenish dots around the face that is called dirty beard style.

Some people look match to use this dirty beard style. Just make sure you take care of the hygiene stuff then you can apply the facial hair to get an attractive look. This style gives the impression of rock and so perfect for summer. Anyway, make sure that you pay enough attention to the cleanliness of your face and beard even though the name is dirty beard style.

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dirty beard style look

To grow dirty beard style, you will need…

You must ensure that this style is suitable for your face. Once again, not everyone fits with beard and some people who do not fit on it would look like an old man who is rarely bathing. Besides, be grateful if your hair is darker than your skin tone.

You are not wrong to assume that beard is so much man thing. But you should keep it to look natural and cool. People who live in the forest could also have a beard, you know.

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indian dirty beard style

Select the right tools and keep it clean. In addition to maintain the cleanliness of the beard, you also have to maintain the cleanliness of razor you use. It will be easier if you use an electric shave tool to reach good result of dirty beard style.

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