5 Fashionable Beard Styles for Men

Fashionable beard styles become the main beard choice for men. It could change the appearance of men so that it looks charming and handsome. The beard on the face has a distinct essential for men to support their physical appearance. You should not let it grow on the face. Trying to form beard seems to be a better step for making them look good. To give you inspiration about beard, here are some kinds of fashionable beard styles.

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5 Fashionable Beard Styles

The Pencil Beard Style

Men with pencil beard style looks very attractive and amazing. If they want to have this style, it needs to shave beard very flat and usually only leaves moustache. To get the pencil beard shape, it is better to cut it with a good razor in order to get the optimal result. An example of celebrity taking this beard style is Orlando Bloom. The grey color left is usually called the pencil shape. It is formed by a razor.

fashionable pencil beard styles

Moustache Goat Beard Style

Looking at men with moustache and beard is very appealing. Every beard style usually can represent the personality of men. Moustache goat beard style is being the fashionable style. The moustache and beard are like goat beard. This beard style is mostly implemented by world celebrities so that it gets much enthusiastic from men in all over the world. Men with this beard style will show off the mysterious look and cool impression. It is also being the most favorite beard style for women.

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Forgot-to Shave Beard Style

What comes across in your mind about forgot-to shave beard style? This beard style is appropriate for only some men including Daniel Craig and Brad Pitt. This beard style offers a dense beard on the face so that there are no many men who want to shave their beard with this style. The men should have braveness to apply forgot-to shave for being the fashionable beard styles. Though it seems to be scary, the men will look so real and gentlemen. Women are very interested in this beard style.

fashionable forget to shave beard styles

Full Beard Style

The last style is full beard. Men with the look of full beard will cover a half of face area. Sometimes it makes people and women scary with it. However, several women tend to fall in love with this beard style. The full beard style offers a good combination of beard and moustache. You need to consider the style and cleanliness of face and neck area because those areas will be hidden by hair. Do not forget to apply those fashionable beard styles for men.

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