Halloween Beard Ideas for Dudes with Beards

When it comes to Halloween beard ideas combined with Halloween costume ideas, the possibility is practically endless. Those two make a great combination and could enhance the creativity for the costume bits. Who says that Halloween is only for children? Real man could also enjoy the occasion with full masculinity and manliness, combined with fun costumes in the mix. Sure, you might not particularly get the candy for wearing a manly costume, but still, it could be a sweet, sweet Halloween night for any dude with beard out there, if they just know how to synchronize their manly facial hair and the choices of their costumes.

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Are you dudes with beard or any other forms of facial hair? Then you should totally read this article to the end to find out the best Halloween beard ideas that could be great match with Halloween costume ideas for you!

The Recommendations for Normal to Mid-Length Beard

You are in for the treat if you have the “normal kind” of beard. There are so many options that one can try to match with this type of beard, and if you are one of the dudes who sport this one style, then you have a word’s worth of options that you would not run out soon, when it comes to choices of Halloween costumes. One of the perfect ideas of costumes for guys who have this kind of beard is the costume of Alan from the movie “The Hangover”. There are so many “beardy” moments in the movie and the costume for this guy is also exceptionally easy to imitate; basically just a t-shirt and jeans.

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What about Super Long Beard for Halloween Beard Ideas?

Still no big deal; there are still a whole lot more options for dudes who have this type of beard to shine of the Halloween’s day. Long facial hair is a serious business, so for the occasion, you might as well try to wear costumes of serious business epic characters, such as the Dudes from ZZ top, or if you have the wizard-kind of long beard, then you should totally look up some references of some epic fictional wizards such as Gandalf from Lord of The Rings, or the Good ‘ol Dumbledore from Harry Potter. Either way, there are basically limitless options when it comes to Halloween beard ideas that could suits your costume and your facial hair style just fine, if you just know how to be creative and fun with it.

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