4 Kinds of Handsome Beard Styles

To support men’s appearance, it is good to apply handsome beard styles. Hair on the face is regarded to be a useful element to enhance the physical appearance of men. But, it is not wise to let beard look messy. It is like hair which needs the right treatment to make it look nice and maintained. Here are several beard styles making men look handsome and charming.

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The Pencil Handsome Beard Styles

A pencil actually can inspire you making a handsome beard styles for men. It is similar to its name in which beard has a size like a pencil. It looks thin on the face. This beard style usually only accentuates moustache and thin beard on the face. To get this beard style, you should shave your beard with a razor. When you shaved it, the razor must leave sideburns on the face. The grey color of sideburns is named the pencil beard style. This is good to apply for men who do not like full beard and still looks nice for daily activities.

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Medium Handsome Beard Styles

Have you ever seen Adam Levine? He has a gorgeous beard style to imitate. The beard style of Adam Levine can be a good beard style example for men. This is called medium handsome beard styles. The shape of beard style does not hide your handsome face but it also still makes you look so masculine. Medium beard is actually the original version of five o’clock shadow beard if you do not shave it for weeks. The thick beard can accentuate a gentle and masculine side of men significantly. But, you still need to organize these handsome beard styles in order that it looks so tidy.

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Five O’clock Shadow Handsome Beard Styles

The next style is called five o’clock shadow handsome beard styles. This beard style is a smooth version of full beard style. The name of beard style is very funny and cute. But, it represents a whole appearance of the beard after you shaved it. This beard style looks like a sunlight at five o’clock looking thin on the face. If you do not like maintain beard and moustache, you should not dream applying this beard style. You need to be willing to have this beard style.

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Handlebar Handsome Beard Style

The last one is called handlebar handsome beard styles. This beard style looks nice extending to the side. It is like beard style of David Beckham. Though it looks old fashionable, it can increase a handsomeness of men.

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