Hipster Beard Styles: Symbol of Freedom and Rebellion

Hipster beard styles can be your new choice of beard style. Many European or American grow hipster beard. Besides it looks cool, it also one of favorite styles of some actors in America. Besides that, hipster style also knows as urban style.

Actually talking about beard, each religion has an instruction for having beard. We can get some examples of Jewish, Christians, and Muslim. Besides that, some European and American scientists also had beard. A popular style of those scientists is hipster beard style.

hipster facial beard styles

Talking about hipster, hipster style also becomes the sexiest style of men in British. According to a British magazine’s survey, there is an observation which states that many British women like men with hipster beard. So, it becomes such a new fashion of white people. Here is the information of hipster beard styles.

There are two types of hipster beard styles. First type is known as contemporary hipster. Another one is proto hipster. For each type has each history. So, check them below.

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Contemporary Hipster

According to American history, contemporary hipster is the style of hipster which young people hate. It arose in America long time ago. After contemporary hipster became the trend setter, some young people tried to make a mocking style of contemporary hipster. It’s called proto hipster.

Proto Hipster

Proto hipster beard is like Barbarian beard style. It is used to represent someone who disobeys the rules and social norm. This style arose in young urban people of America in 1940’s. They used it as a symbol of freedom and rebellion. It was used firstly by middle class of American especially in jazz community.

Nowadays, it still used for showing it. Some of young people think that it represents about someone who rejects social norm. So, for you who want to show freedom or rebellion act you can try this beard style.

hipster beards styles

How to Make Hipster Beard Styles

First, you have to let your beard grows every day. Don’t shave it even once time. Then, you have to give shampoo and conditioner to your beard every day. It will help you to grow your beard fast and make them thick.

Besides that, you also can spread the hair vitamin or beard oil to your beard. Do it like you give vitamin to your head hair. For each month, you can go to barber shop to get beard treatment. You can ask the barber what good treatment for your beard is. So, you can treat your beard well.

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