Manly Face with Irish Beard Styles

Irish beard styles look so manly. You can attract women with your Irish beard styles. Among other beard styles, you should try this one. Almost every Irish man grow their beard. Of the old pictures, we can see that the Irish men prefer to put the curtain chin which requires dense hairs.

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Public Figures with Irish Beard Styles

There are several public figures with Irish beard styles, from artists to athletes. You may remember Gordon D’Arcy. He played for Irish rugby player and won the triumph. His beard is unforgettable. Brendan Gleeson played a bearded man in his movies. In Beard: The Reckoning, directed by Ridley Scott, he commands legions of Irish warrior. Roy Keane has a different look with his Irish beard style. He looks so mature and dominant. The beard is matched with his face.

brendan gleeson irish beard styles

How to Grow the Irish Beard Styles?

As we may see from the above public figures, Irish beard styles can be a great choice for your face with the right treatment. You simply need to notice the hair density and cleanness. In this case, you may be curious about how to grow and treat such facial hair.

To have a dense beard has something to do with genetics matter. You however are still able to make some efforts. The most important thing is keep your face clean. You may use the exfoliating scrub to remove the dead skin. It will finally stimulate new hairs to grow. There are many exfoliating scrub products you can buy in the market. Consider the most suitable product for your skin. Clean your face regularly with the warm water. Besides those steps, you may use a moisturizer or cream containing eucalyptus. When the facial hair starts to grow, you may feel some itches. Be patient to those itches. Let it grow for one to two months before you can shape it.

irish beard styles shave

Having a dense beard does not mean you have no more job to do. You should rinse it regularly. It helps you remove the stinky smell from your beard. The dense beard is also vulnerable to hair dandruff. It will be so disgusting to see the snowflakes sparkling in your beard. In this case, you can use the beard oil. However, if you face a serious dandruff problem, you may wash it with a mild cleanser and rinse it with the medicated shampoo until the excessive oil being removed. With a clean and healthy beard, you can be proud of your Irish beard styles.

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