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Joaquin Phoenix beard style had managed to attract criticism after his announcement about quitting his acting career to pursue musical career as a rapper back in a few years ago. Joaquin Rafael Phoenix (born as Joaquin Rafael Botto) is an American actor who rose to fame after his supporting actor role in a historical movie Gladiator back in 2000. Since then, Joaquin Phoenix has secured his acting career and swept away numerous kinds of acting awards. After gaining all that recognitions and respects from viewers, one day he suddenly showed a new and shocking transformation to the media. What kind of transformation that was actually shocking enough to create buzz and controversy among people back then?

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The Controversial Joaquin Phoenix Beard Style: Bushy and Thick Facial Hair

The usually well groomed and clean-cut Joaquin Phoenix suddenly appeared wearing sunglasses with shabby hair style and bushy beard. Not only his outer appearance, his sudden transformation of behavior also left people wondering why would he ruin his fine old self to turn into his new fail transformation? Not only his beard that totally ruined his look, he also gained some weight.  He also spoke unintelligibly during an interview, making people think he was drunk. Was he acting or was it real?

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The Reason Behind Joaquin Phoenix Beard Style

Actually, Joaquin Phoenix unintelligent new way of speaking as well as his shabby hair and beard was intentional. It was done for the promotion of a collaboration project with his brother in law, Casey Affleck. The project is a documentary about Phoenix during his tumultuous year in his life. Before clarifying the truth behind his crazy transformation, actually there were rumors that his crazy transformation and behavior are all hoax. Turned out, what people suspected about Phoenix was right. The documentary was done in mockumentary style, and the title is I’m Still Here, premiered back in 2010.

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Despite all the controversy and buzz that was intentionally created by Joaquin Phoenix, there was an unintentional controversy created within the filming of the documentary. His brother in law and movie director (Casey Affleck) was accused of sexual harassment by two female workers: a cinematographer and producer. Affleck strongly denied all the allegations and insisted that he was innocent.

After all the efforts Joaquin Phoenix put to attract people’s attention to the documentary, the response for I’m Still Here was not as expected.  Phoenix took a break in acting and back in acting in 2012 film titled The Master. That’s all about Joaquin Phoenix beard style.

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