Unique Lemmy Beard Style

Lemmy beard style is included in the beard with somewhat metal style. Probably it was because at first used by someone who has a band with metal stream or something. The shape is very unique, unlike other beard styles. The chin is left clean without any hair and the mustache connected to sideburns. The sideburns are left length to the jaw. Not many men who use thus style for a beard because it is considered a bit funny and odd. But actually this style is suitable only to be applied to make you look more ferocious. If not mistaken, this beard style was popularized by the Motorband lead vocalist. The charisma may also play a major role to affect the appearance of beard. But if you want to know, women who had been with Lemmy never had a problem with the Lemmy beard style.

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Lemmy beard style for bead style

Maybe the beard is a part that affects the outward appearance of a man. Besides lengthening beard is not a crime. Some women prefer men with beard and some women stated openly disliked any beard shaped on men’s face. If this is the case, then just take the first possibility which is dating women who like men with beard. But the beard must be treated as well and kept clean so as not to interrupt your date. Maybe sometimes you can keep changing the style of your beard at your convenience and make fun for your lady. Lemmy beard style sometimes similar with a mustache seal. But when seen and observed carefully apparently these two styles are very different things because seals do not have any hair that grows from the edge of the ear to the jaw, which is more commonly referred to sideburns. You can try this style occasionally as reference as well.

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Do not in rush to apply Lemmy beard style

Although the above has been mentioned that the beard style is very unique and can make the face look fierce, you should have a nice face shape and proportionally because some people who have tried it claim to fail. Long story short, this beard style is not always managed to make the face look more attractive. The most important point is the high confidence and certainly innate that your face is handsome by nature. The first thing you should do is not put high expectations on the beard style that you are trying to. Because the Lemmy beard style could make you look like the former vocalist of death metal band who have retired.

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