5 Stunning Modern Beard Styles for Men

Most of the men tend to feel confident if they have beard and moustache on the face. It seems to be a sign that they are real men. It also has a distinct meaning for the men. Modern beard styles can inspire men to have stunning style. Here are some kinds of modern beard styles for men.

modern short beard styles

Moustache with Goat Style

The first modern beard style is called moustache with goat style. This style is similar to the beard of goat in which it is mostly applied by men in all over the world. It is not only common people but also world celebrities also implement this beard style. The mysterious look is accentuated by this beard style. It makes the men with this beard style look cool and charming.

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The Pencil Modern Beard Styles

The next are called pencil modern style. This beard style is popular enough among men. The beard with the pencil style looks minimalist in which it is mostly dominated by moustache. To get this beard style, you only prepare some tools needed. You have to cut it with a razor to get maximal result for beard. The color of grey is called pencil beard style. It is caused by the cuts of razor on the face skin.

modern goatee beard styles

Full Beard Modern Styles

If you are gentle men with modern look, it is better to apply full modern beard styles. But, you have to receive its consequence because it will cover almost your face. The full beard style is connected to another on the face. Applying this style needs to make sure that you keep your neck clean because it needs intensive treatment.

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Painter Brush Modern Beard Style

The next modern beard style is called painter brush. It is similar to its name in which it looks like a painter brush. There are no many men who want to implement this beard style. But, if the face is eye-catching to the beard style, it looks very stunning and charming. It can also increase the appearance of men.

best modern beard styles

Horseshoe Modern Beard Style

The last modern beard style is namely horseshoe style. It is popularized by modern cowboys. One of the famous celebrities using this beard style is Terry Richardson. It has a unique beard style in which it is like horseshoe. Though it has a unique look, it does not lose the modern touch of the beard style. Try to cut your beard with this style and feel the different look. Those are some kinds of modern beard styles for men. Those styles are mostly liked by the women.

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