Riker Beard Style from Star Trek

Riker beard style is a style that used by William Riker in movie called Star Trek: Next Then Generation. This kind of shave style is quite unique and very suitable to be applied in Riker’s face. Basically, Riker beard style is almost as same as a full beard, which among mustache, beard, and sideburns connected to each other. It is just what makes it unique Riker gave little empty space below the lower lip and not connecting the mustache with sideburns. The beard is not too long and not too short. It is just handsome and perfect. If your face is oval and has a strong structure, this kind of style is suitable for your beard. Grow the beard is always based on cleanliness of the body, especially the face to avoid irritation.

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How to grow Riker beard style

There are many styles for beard that you can apply to your face. If you have difficulty to shave beard and hardly get the shape you according to your wish, you can consult with the barber. It does not hurt to shave at the barber shop. If you are not sure of the equipment they use, you can bring your razor and ask them to use it for you. Basically, to have a beard you just need to keep away from the razor and wait for a certain period so that beard look longer. After that, it is up to you what to do. But you have to remember that if not everyone look better with beard on their face and not all beards are worth to look. Maybe it looks fit to someone’s face but unfortunately it gets worse on your face. Although Riker beard style belong s to the rank of the epic beard style in the world, the possibility is still there.

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the Riker beard style

Riker beard style needs some treatments

Beard is something very masculine. You will get many advantages by letting the beard long, among others, to give a different touch in your face like Riker beard style, minimizing the burned skin due to the sun light, your chubby cheeks will be covered perfectly by the beard, and you do not need to shave everyday in your life. But you need to realize that you cannot grow the healthy facial hair without balance it with the proper care. Shave all the time still required to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of your facial hair. Otherwise, you should shave your beard to keep the Riker beard style looks interesting and epic.

will Riker beard style

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