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Robert Pattinson beard style, it is a yes or a big no? Robert Pattinson, the guy who started his acting career after playing a role in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and rised to fame after portraying a male vampire character in Twilight Saga series. Unlike the clean cut Edward Cullen portrayed in the movie, Robert Pattinson real self often appears unshaved, showing his facial hair. However, does the beard look suit Robert Pattinson? Voted as one of 14 men who look better with beards, Robert is voted for the first place, winning over Daniel Radcliffe. Apparently, there are still a lot of his fans swooning over him, even after he finished filming the Twilight Saga series.

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Robert Pattinson Beard Style : Public Opinion

Although mostly agree that Rob has flawless handsome face, the presence of his facial hair often splits the opinions into two. What makes folks opinion divided? Some of (or mostly) Robert Pattinson’s fans started being a fan after being mesmerized by his acting role as Edward Cullen. This is where the division of opinion starts. Ed is always well groomed, clean shaved and neat kind of guy, where Rob often experiments with his looks including facial hair. From scruffy, bulky beard to goatee kind of facial hair, he never ceased to amaze his fans. Majority of his fans agree that Rob looks even better with facial hair.

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Robert Pattinson Beard Style : Phenomenal Sensation

While mustaches and full-beard trends are still alive, goatee is not in the same category. Most of women hate the look; some even hate guys with any kind of facial hair. But Rob’s phenomenal beard look always managed to be under the spotlight. After voted as one of 14 men who look better with beards, Rob even mentioned as celebrity who looks even better with beard. Not too long after, Rob even appeared with a new goatee look. According to a survey conducted for women in late twenties, beard can be problematic and there are only very few of men who can rock that kind of look instead of looking like a child molester, and almost everyone agree that goatee is a big no. So what about Rob’s new goatee look? After his appearance at Go Go Gala with his goatee, Rob garnered a lot of attention indeed. There was even an open letter for Robert Pattinson demanding removal of his new goatee. How about you? Do you like Robert Pattinson beard style?

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