Rock Beard Styles and How to Choose Beard Styles

Rock beard styles can be the inspiration for you who like metal music. You can follow rock styles of beard because it will make you look cool. Besides cool, rock style can make you look stronger.

Somebody believes that having beard can make men look wiser, stronger, and masculine. There are many styles of rock beard. Those styles refer to some popular rock stars that have beard. 

If you want to know about some styles of rock beard, you can check it here. This article will give some information for you about rock beard styles.

Jonathan David

Jonathan has beard style with medium length. As a rock star, he has full beard and it is thick enough. You can choose this style as a symbol of rock band fan.

Adam Dutkiewicz

Adam is rock guitar from Time of Grace band. He has beard which is added by sideburn. You can have sideburn to make another sensation of your beard.

Adam Dutkiewicz rock beard styles


He is rock star from Motorhead band. He has beard with handlebar style. You can follow his style if you want to have beard with handlebar style.

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Jesse Leach

He is a member of Time of Grace band. He is known as the man with unique beard style. You can see on google how long his beard is and how unique his shape beard is.

Jesse Leach rock beard styles

Kerry King

Kerry King from Slayer band has classic goatee but it looks so stylish. You can try classic goatee style for your beard style.

Dimebarg Darrel

He has so unique style of beard. It is also called as demonic style. He is also known with original beard style.

dimebag darrel beard styles

Johan Hegg

Johan Hegg from Amon Amarth band has Viking beard. He has long beard with moustache. It looks like Viking people’s style. May be, it also can be called as barbaric style.

Chad Gray

Chad Gray is one of rock stars who have unique beard. He colored his beard with blue color. Maybe if you want to be like him, you can grow your beard and color it too.

How to Choose Rock Beard Styles

Besides giving you information about some rock beard styles, here is also suggestion for you to choose beard styles. The first thing which is important for you is you have to know your facial shape. You can consider about your beard style with your facial shape. It’s because different facial shape can make different beard styles. So, you have to suit your rock beard styles with your facial shape.

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