The Short Boxed Beard Styles for Modern Look

The short boxed beard styles is more acceptable beard style in any work place. You can let your facial hair grow while in the same time, you should treat it carefully to prevent them run uncontrolled. To maintain a perfect beard style, you should regularly shave the hair which grows below and around your beard area. Sometimes you need to trim it too.

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How to Trim The Short Boxed Beard Styles?

Most men avoid doing the trimming due to the possible mistake they can make. They are afraid of making the neckline too high toward the inside of the jawline and face area.  It will result in a terrible look on your face with the beard shrinking in the driyer. It is also weird to see an over small beard in your face. For another beard styles, you may ignore the neckline. On the contrary, we cannot do that to have a short boxed beard. Besides, as you may agree with me, the neck hair feels so uncomfortable. Back to the neckline, we can see that it will outline the bottom part of your beard. Every man has a different outline. Then use the suitable trimmer to have a great result.

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How to Design the Short Boxed Beard Styles?

To have a perfect short boxed beard styles, you should design the beard neckline tidily. Basically, it is a simple process. The three-way mirror is a great choice too. If you do not have any, simply use several mirrors. Use a second mirror to view your face from all angles. Make effort to stand up straight. You should keep your chin up after finding the perfect line. Then, you can shave it. However, to practice it, you should draw the line carefully.

First, look your face carefully. Try to imagine the slightly line from behind the ear lobes that walk through your jawline. Stop it at the meeting point between your neck and your jaw underside, below your chin. As you will see, the line will stay very close to the top of the Adam’s apple. Now, you can see it clearly. It is what we called the neck line.

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The next step, imagine the vertical lines located on each side of your face that is perpendicular to the line from the previous step. Follow the outer edge if your face sideburns. Follow it down toward your neckline. It will create kind of corner in your neckline. It is right under the jawlines end, under your ears. You simply round those corners off. It creates a natural look. The last step is shaving. Shave all facial hair under your neckline. Do not forget to put the moisturizer to keep your skin healthy. Now, you have a great short boxed beard styles.

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