Tony Stark Beard Style

Tony Stark beard style becomes so popular after the appearance of Robert Downey Junior in Iron Man movies. He suddenly turns into trendsetter for most of metro stylish men. This section is really meant for those who want to have beard like Tony Stark.

tony stark goatee beard style

How to Shave Like Tony Stark Beard Style

New ideas on having different beard styles taken from idols or famous artists can be so tempting, in this case is Tony Stark beard style.It seems that this is going to give you nicer look. You might expect this to happen through the quite long period of growing facial hair. But you must remember that once you success with the Tony Stark beard style, good maintenance should be undertaken. If you adore the Tony Stark beard style, here some steps that you may attempt.

Once you have grown your bread with at least 2 inch of thickness, you may continue with trimming process. Take the beard trimmer and use it to remove all the excess hair from the face. This fascinating beard style has two different lengths; two goatees on lower part and the edging stubble on the both left and right sides of the cheeks. You can shave them completely and then leave the them to grow. The another way can be done by fading the goatees into desired length. But this can only be proceeded when you have much time, dense hair (having no bald) and also good skill of trimming and shaving. If you are ready with all of these three basic elements so you can expect to posses the Tony Stark beard style.

tony stark beard style iron man

The next step can be complicated. You need to switch the head of edging tool to map out the outer shape. There are three main areas which need to be mapped out; mustache, goatee and jaw line. Make sure your goatee is not connected to the mustache. To style the diamond shape, you really make sure that you have mastered the shaving skill. The diamond may sit right under the mouth and above the chin. Trim the facial hair or beard smoothly and slowly. It’s suggested to maintain the good stability when trimming and shaving.

tony stark beard style design

Tips Before Doing Tony Stark Beard Style

There are several things that you have to consider before processing the Tony Stark style. You are not allowed to start shaving before you have a good preparation including having complete shaving tools and expected full beard. If you are really incapable in shaving and trimming, asking professional is much better.

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