5 Favorite Unique Beard Styles to Apply

Unique beard styles can be a good alternative choice for beard styles. There are various kinds of beard styles that can be applied for men. Though it looks unique, it is still nice and appropriate for men. In addition, most of the men tend to search unique impression from beard styles. These are some examples of unique beard styles that may inspire you in shaving it.

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Favorite Unique Beard Styles

Unique Horseshoe Style

When you see a horse, cowboy seems to be a related thing about it. The horse and cowboy cannot be separated each other. Meanwhile, cowboys also have a close relationship with beard and moustache. They have perfectly amazing beard look so that it is very attractive to see. Horseshoe beard style is a model of beard that is popularized by cowboys. The modern cowboys apply the beard model. This beard style has a unique shape and design in which it is similar to horseshoe. You may look so unique and different by taking this unique beard style.

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Brush Beard Style

What are the other unique beard styles for men? Brush beard style can answer it. It is same as the name in which it is like a painter brush. The look of beard is very unique making men liking this beard style. Though there are only few men getting this beard model, it is almost appropriate for most of the men. It represents old experience with vintage men appearance.

The Cavemen Beard Style

For men liking uniqueness, the cavemen beard style is the most ideal choice. This beard style offers a messy look. It has thick and not tidy beard and tends to make you like an old person and a homeless. Though it seems to be bad, men with this style look masculine and gentle.

cavemen unique beard styles

Medium Beard Style

There is also an improvement of five o’clock shadow beard style. It is called medium beard style. The thick hair will adorn your charming face that can be used to accentuate a masculine impression from a man. You need to get it tidier in order to look eye-catching. This style is often applied by world celebrities.

Five O’clock Shadow Beard Style

The next style is five o’clock shadow. This beard style is a smooth version of beard on the face including some elements. The elements are sideburn, moustache and hair on the chin. It is named like that because it looks like a sun shadow when it turns five o’clock. This beard style is adapted by well know celebrities including Justin Timberlake and George Clooney. But, if you do not like flat beard style, you have to forget this beard style soon. Those are some unique beard styles for real men.

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