Zac Efron Beard Style

Zac Efron beard style is perfect for anyone who love to have a cool beard style without complex maintenance. As you may see, Zac Efron has transformed from a teen actor into a real, handsome guy. His beard supports such transformation by making him look more mature. Maintaining the beard, actually he has already tried several beard styles such as chinstrap beard and also scruffy beard. Sometimes, he combined soul patch with the mustache.

zac efron cool beard style

Zac Efron Chinstrap Beard Style

There was time that Zac Efron use chinstrap beard style on his face. To have such beard style, you should grow a full beard and mustache first. It will take some times to grow it. However, each man has different period of time, mostly due to genetics. You can consult to the expert on this. After you have a full beard, you should trim down the beard hair on the cheek area altogether with the one surrounding the jawline. How long the trimming process should be done? It depends on the thickness you want. On Zac Efron beard style, you may see that he chose to use not so thick beard. After deciding the thickness, you may shave your beard following the line. To have a neat beard, you should trim the hair under your chin. As to emphasize the chinstrap beard style, you will need to form a thin strip along the jawlines.

zac efron beard style evolution

Zac Efron Soul Patch Beard Style

Zac Efron also tried the soul patch beard style. He lets a bunch of his facial hair above the lips. He combines it with the mustache. Zac Efron’s mustache hangs down below his mouth’s corner. The mustache comes closer to the beard without touching. Besides the soul patch, Zac Efron also uses the scruffy beard.

zac efron moustache and beard style

To have a scruffy beard is not that hard. Simply let your facial hair unshaved for several days. On the contrary to the previous Zac Efron beard style, that is chinstrap beard, the scruffy beard can be used by people with thin facial hair.

Such beards style fits to any kind of hair. Whether your hair is curly straight, coarse, or even fine, you can get groomed into such style. You however should consider your face shape. Such beard style is perfectly suitable for the man with fuller face or rounded jaw. Assuming you like showing up yourself in modern style, it is recommended to use the Zac Efron beard style.

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