How to Grow Balbo Beard: Christian Bale Beard Style

Interested in growing facial hair? Christian Bale beard style is probably one of the styles you should consider having. We all probably have been familiar with the name Christian Bale, a talented actor and a winner of Academy award who is also really popular for his handsome and mature look. Sure, he is one lucky guy to have managed winning the fabled Academy Award, but his beard is also something worth telling with all of its impressiveness and its glories. Are you interested in finding the secret of grooming such marvelous and fabulous style of a facial hair? Then you might be interested in keep reading this article for more information about Christian Bale beard style!

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Balbo Beard: An Overview

The popular Christian Bale beard style has another name; Balbo style beard. Its charm lies in the finely sculpted facial hair, the goatee remains halfway up on each side of the face and the moustache is not sculpted in a way that make it falls downwards to connect with the beard beneath and round the lips. Balbo style is magnificent if you want to achieve some sort of “ripened” and mature look for it could give you the impression of ruggedness and mature masculinity. It is not actually very hard to achieve a facial style such as this. In fact, you could do it by yourself in a very easy way if you just know where to start and which tool to use. The next section of this article will discuss about how you could achieve such look in a matter of convenience. Read along, gentlemen!

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How to Achieve the Look of Christian Bale Beard Style

The only essential grooming tool you will need is the beard trimmer and the vacuum stubble to make the beard looks neater. The first way to achieve this style is to trim your whiskers first, which is also happening to be the easiest way in the bunch. If you have grown quite a long beard, then you could leave the facial hair around your chin and your mouth longer. As for the rest of the beard, use an even trim to wrap things up, by using a full-size trimmer to do the job. After you managed to do the first clean-up process, now we shall proceed to create the outline of the Balbo style, which should be about only two-three centimeters wide on the central area of the bottom lip. Once you get there, curve downward and outward about six centimeters on both side of the chin. Carefully start shaving at the borders of the beard and moving to inward part to remove the facial hairs between the goatee and the corner of your lips. This kind of style is called chinstrap, and you could do it easier once you get the hang of it. Finish it off by creating a middle part for your moustache, and give a close shave for your neck and cheeks. Good luck finding your own Christian Bale beard style!

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