American Beard Style You Need to Know

American beard style has a long history. You can find beard in each civilization. For example, Egypt men can buy the fake beard made of gold. In Mesopotamia, the men had already used the beard oil. It has nothing different as we are today. In these last decades, beard becomes part of men fashion. That is why you will find different beard style in American.

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Chin Curtain Beard: A Classic American Beard Style

This style is showed when you have facial hairs along your jawline that is hang from your chin area. Covering your whole chin area, it looks like a chin curtain. Such beard style was popularized by Abraham Lincoln. It became a trend in its era. To date, this beard style is still used by men in Amish society, especially after baptism.

Chinstrap Beard

It is almost the same as chin curtain beard. However you will see the difference in the chin. While chin curtain beard will not let any beard area uncovered, the chinstrap beard only fill a narrow hair line. This trend was started from the late-18th century. It was popularized through the mid 19th century. Some public figures use this beard style such as Henry David Thoreau, an American essayist.

To have an America beard style like this, you need to grow a full beard and mustache. When they already grew, you need to prepare the shaving process. After cleaning your chin to soften the hair and skin areas, trim down your beard hair on cheek area and around your jawline. Use a small scissors in doing so. Trim down until you reach the desired thickness. When you are done, you will have a line to follow in the shaving process. When necessary, you may trim the hair located under your chin. Eventually, you should shave the hair in your cheek to have a thin strip of hair along the jawlines, from ear to ear. If you really want it, you can shave the mustache too. Do not forget to put moisturizer to your chin or cheek to prevent the razor burn.

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Goatee: A Famous American Beard Style

It is an ancient beard style. We can trace it back to ancient Greece or Ancient Rome. There was also a time when goatee beard style represented Satan figure. It turns however popularized in the middle of 20th century. During the Civil War in United States, the beard style was also famous.

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Getting popular in 1990s, the goatee beard style lets the hair around the chin and mustache staying on the face. Several public figures used this goatee beard style such as Bob Denver and even cartoon character Shaggy Rogers from Scooby Doo.

Those are several styles you need to know before deciding the suitable American beard style.

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