Best Beard Styles and Names

Beard styles and names are still the talk of everyone. While some celebrities came out in a variety of song album launch event or movie then everyone will observe the style of beard. We are all familiar with some of the names of celebrities who were impressed with the perfect beard. This makes all the men always want to have the same type and beard. But when you arrive at the salon then most likely you will only have to mention the type of beard celebrities. Even some people just pointed beard shape with simple drawings. This makes everyone always falter when they want to have a perfect beard. To deal with this problem, then you can get to know some kind of beard styles and names below.

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Top Beard Styles and Names

Goatee Beard and Mustache Style

Many people call this beard style with goat style name. This inspiration has become one of the forms taken beard of a goat picture. Beard shape centered on the beard seems very interesting. Some people can combine this beard with mustache shape that looks very interesting. Beard can be formed with the impression that too full and almost covers the lips. Almost all types of faces in accordance with this beard shape.

Extended Goatee

Although the shape of a goatee monotonous, you can take some kind of other models with the same basic shape. To get this beard style, then you have to grow a beard until the full thickness. Even some people only see the shape of the lips surrounded by a beard and mustache. Various types of models will be in accordance with the appearance of the face oval and square. A combination of various styles of beard is often mentioned in the beard styles and names.

Balbo Styles

Balbo style became one of the favorites of all men. There is a special carving formed from basic beard. Everyone can have the design and shape of this beard. Some people can have different types of basic design. Basically, there are many developments in the model Balbo. Some artists also make creations with a basic model of Balbo. Everyone can feel more confident with this model. All types of engraving with a certain base into one huge inspiration. This model is very suitable for a wide variety of different face shapes. Basically you can create this style to form a thin or thick mustache.

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