Being Cool with Jack Sparrow Beard Style

Jack Sparrow beard style becomes a hit after Pirate of Caribean movie got into box office. The style itself is a combination between several beard styles such as goatee, chinstrap, and a handlebar mustache. Make each style carefully. The combination of the three styles will perform an anchor beard, as known as the Jack Sparrow beard style.

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How to Make Jack Sparrow beard style?

As starters, take a full size trimmer. The trimmer is about 3-5 mm. try to take a longer setting on the beard hairs. Keep focusing on facial hair around the mouth and chin. Take a precision trimmer. Using such trimmer, work on the points 3 incs from both side of your chin. Draw the goatee border. Now you can define the upper edges of the goatee style you just created. We will start to form the facial hair between the bottom lip and chin. The rectangular shape is our purpose in this stage.

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Defining the beard style should be done carefully. You should shave the whisker starting from the lips corner going down to the chin hairs. To have the best result, use a mini foil shaver. In doing the shaving, do not touch facial hairs that going trough from the center of the lip into the chins. Take your beard trimmer. Then, you need to shape the goatee style into a rounded shape. To have a perfect result, sometimes you need to practice with various trimmer length. The length shape is so important for having the perfect goatte beard style. the precision trimmer is the best tool to shape certain part in the middle area. To have the whisker trained out, you can use the wax. It will twist the facial hair edges. Curl the edges outward. The last step in shaping the jack Sparrow beard style, you need to clean your cheek and neck. To keep them clean, use rotary shaver regularly. You should move the rotary shaver gently in a circular motion. Since the area is so tight, you better use a mini foil shaver.

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How to Do Maintenance the Jack Sparrow Beard Style?

If your facial hair grew so fast, you should regularly trim, shave and do daily grooming. As mentioned above, the wax can help to keep the shape. The oil will make your beard and mustache look healthy. Always keep in mind to keep it clean. Do not let any food crap attached in your beard. No one love to see it. Keeping it clean and shaped, you will look different with the Jack Sparrow beard style.

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